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Albrecht, Mariano
Mariano is a freelance television correspondent and producer, living in Istanbul, Turkey. He has equipment available.
Alisuboh, Tariq A.H.
Journalist and producer Tariq Alisuboh lives in Oslo, Norway. From there, he makes reports and films about eastern and Arabs in Norway. Before he came to Norway he covered the events in the Palistinian areas for numerous tv-stations.
Arndt, Eckhard
Eckhard Arndt works as a freelance journalist in the transportation business. He lives near Hamburg, Germany.
Bassetto jr, Eledovino
Eledovino Bassetto works at Gazeta do Povo, a newspaper in Brazil.
Berg, Vincent van den
Vincent van den Berg lives in Weert, in the southern part of the Netherlands. He works as a freelancer and writes about general subjects, politics, spatial development, housing, business and news.
Blaauw, Willem de
Willem de Blaauw is free-lance journalist and he lives in Amsterdam. He does CD reviews and interviews with international artists in Dutch for sQueeze, a lifestyle magazine. Articles on Amsterdam in English for Rush on Amsterdam, Time Out and Shark. Film and CD reviews in Dutch for TV Krant, a TV listings magazine.
Boerman, Peter
Peter Boerman works as an editor for Intermediair Starters in the Netherlands.
Bon, Herman van
Herman van Bon works as a free-lance journalist for trade magazine Hout & Toelevering (Wood & Supply). His specializations are wood, forestry, lumber, furniture, millwork, carpentry, building and wooden houses.
Bon, Jan van
Best Practice in IT Service Management, AutomatiseringGids, Computable, ITSM Portals, ISM Portal, etc., and 70 books on various IT management topics: IT Service Management, ITIL, Quality Management, ISO standards, COBIT, Six Sigma, eTOM, ISM (Integrated Service Management), MOF, ASL, BiSL. Van Bon lives in Groningen, the Netherlands.
Bos, Johan Th.
Johan Bos specializes in horticulture, flower export and religion. Besides being a freelance journalist, he does ghostwriting and making scripts for AV presentations.
Bouman, Frank
Frank Bouman works as a freelancer in the Netherlands. His specializations are building, engineering and stock exchange markets.
Bradley, David
David is a freelance science writer based in Cambridge, England, who writes for a wide range of online and print publications. Visit his science news site for more information and for contact details.
Cater, Nick
Nick Cater is based in Somerset, UK. His specializations are disasters, conflict, aid, third world, philanthropy, developing world business, internet, education, environment, human rights, health, media.
Chávez, Faustino Félix
Editor of the Mexican newspaper Tribuna from Ciudad Obregón, Sonora (northwest of Mexico). Works as a reporter since 17. Has a BA in business administration. Speaks English and Spanish. UIN: 2531506.

Clark, Giles
Clark Giles is co-editor of Fast Ferry International. His specializations are the high-speed ferry market, maritime and shipping news.
Crispin, Teddy
Teddy Crispin is a journalist based in Hannover, Germany. He owns his own communication company.
Declercq, Marc
Marc Declercq works as a freelance journalist for the daily newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen and for Feeling. He specializes in gastronomy, food science, consumer and health.
Dubi-Gazan, Miriam
Miriam Dubi is based in Raanana, Israel. She works as a freelancer for magazines and radio, like Joods Journaal and the Dutch VPRO Wereldnet.
Dijk, Elise van
Elise van Dijk works as a text editor for publications, companies and governmental agencies in the Netherlands. The themes that she covers are real estate, assurances, architecture and interior design.

Evers, Joris
Joris Evers works as an editor for IDG WebWereld, an online publication of IDG in the Netherlands that focuses on ICT news and backgrounds. E-mail address for submitting newsreleases is
Farquharson, Pip
Pip Farquharson lives in the city centre of Amsterdam. She writes as a freelancer for different sites and magazines, a.o. Expatica. Subjects covered are Amsterdam culture, nightlife and cannabis/coffeeshops.
Feists, Valters
Valters Feists works as a freelancer for IT and telecommunications press in Latvia. Since 1997 has written about all aspects of computers - e.g., business, art. Also a copy-writer and editor of corporate magazines for IT&T companies. Has deep linguistic experience with new terminology creation and software localization. Does art photography (SLR). Tel. +371 917 85 17. See his homepage.
Gowhar, Syed Abid Hussain
Syed lives and works in India, as a free-lance writer for Expedition & Indian Express. His main areas of interest are sports, culture and regional tradition.
Grill, Rainer
Rainer Grill works as a journalist for the Pforzheimer Zeitung in Mühlacker, southwest Germany. He has his own homepage on

de Groote, Yves
Yves De Groote is an engineer and lives in the west of Belgium. He works for various food tech magazines, like ZuivelZicht, Elseviers VoedingsmiddelenIndustrie, and for different companies. Focuses: food industry, chemical industry, ICT applications and maintenance.
Hell, Maarten
Maarten Hell from Amsterdam works as a freelancer for Webwatch.
Heijna, Noud
Noud Heijna is chief editor of the Dutch trade magazines CA Techniek and Process Control.
Higginson, Catharine
Catharine Higginson lives in Bardos, France. As a free-lance journalist, she writes about French property, construction, renovation, purchase, sales, lifestyle and families.
Jol, Kars
Kars Jol works as a freelancer for trade magazines like EVO Magazine (transportation), De Journalist (journalism) and ITems (IT). He writes about logistics, transport.

Kauppinen, Timo
Timo Kauppinen lives in Benalmadena (Malaga), Spain, where he works as a freelance cruise and travel journalist. Up to 22 magazines have published his articles so far, in Finnish, Spanish and English.
Kooijman, Hellen
Hellen works as a free lance journalist in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She specializes in Eastern Europe, a.o. Bulgaria, the C.I.S. and Mongolia. She speaks Russian and Bulgarian.
Kratzenberg, Marco
Marco runs an editorial office with the name of Cyberwrite ( He works as a free lance journalist for different computer magazines and has published a few books. Marco plans to start a site for German speaking journalists on short notice.
Lange, Ben
Ben Lange is a freelance writer, and has many years of experience in different areas. Check it out for yourself on his webpage.
Lima, Fernando
Fernando Lima works for Savana and Mediafax, two publications of Mediacoop in Mozambique (PO Box 73, Maputo).
Nasser, Karimi
If you need a story from Iran, contact Karimi Nasser. He lives in the capital Teheran of this Middle-Eastern country and works there as a freelance journalist, a.o. for The Yomuti Shimbun
Nieuwendijk, Hans van den
Tv-reporter at NOS TV News (in Dutch: NOS-Journaal). Foreign Affairs and national news. Free-lance journalist, hoping to work in the New York City next year for 6 months (suggestions welcome!).
Oluwatunmise, Ranti
Miss Ranti Oluwatunmise lives in Lagos, Nigeria, and specialises in writing about politics and entertainment. She is still in training.
Ozoilo, Ignatius
Ignatius Ozoilo devotes his editorial talents to the Bureau Africa Media in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Covered areas are politics, economics/business/finance, new media, sports, arts/culture, all related to Africa. He is available for free-lance assignments.
Pattee, Nicolas
Nicolas Pattee, living in Canada, has a BA in religious studies and will take a BA in journalism in september 1998. Although not a professional journalist (yet), Nicolas wants to write about regilious groups and their creeds, "to get the facts straight". He claims to have a thorough knowledge of this matter. His languages are French and English.
Prins, Eva
Eva Prins works as a freelancer in Utrecht, the Netherlands, where she specializes in education (at home and in schools), youth and the multi-cultural society.
Rao, Mumtaz Hamid
Journalist Mumtaz Rao is editor-in-chief of the Pakistan Times and The World Today. He lives in Islamabad, Pakistan. Rao has won numerous awards for his work. See also his website.
Roijen, Eric
Eric Roijen, from the Netherlands, is tester and technical journalist. He covers a lot of areas in information technology. He owns a laboratory with computers and networks. He works for different magazines.
Ross, Katherine
"I write about anything except really technical stuff", quotes freelancer Katherine Ross from Kangaroo Ground, Victoria, Australia. "What especially turns me on is writing about food, wine and lifestyle issues."
Rudland, Gary
Gary Rudland works and lives in Amsterdam. As a freelance journalist, he writes about telecommunications, television, travel, internet/multimedia, business and aviation.
Sanchez, Jana
Freelance writer, living in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Jana works for a number of publications, including IR Magazine, Economist Intelligence Unit, and Platts. She writes mainly in the areas of business and technology.
Schroeder, Mariana
Reporter for audio, video, written features, reviews and columns, in lifestyle journals, news magazines, GermanyToday Radio and Deutsche Welle. She features art, environment and lifestyle in Europe. Mariana lives in Munich, in south Germany.
Storm, Rauli
Rauli Storm lives in Turku, Finland and writes about travelling in summer and winter.
Such, Robert
Robert lives in Courbevoie, France, and writes about architecture, the built environment, property, lighting, design and interiors. He writes for publications worldwide, like The New York Times (US), The Architectural Review (UK), Statement (NL) and Lighting Equipment News (UK).
Szoke, Laszlo
Do you need reports about Eastern Europe or Balkan States? Laszlo Szoke is the one to turn to. Laszlo works as a freelancer in Romania and has experience in working for printed media and television.
Toweel, Hadley
Toweel is journalist/photographer in Queensland, Australia. He specialises in writing about religion, and investigates religious fraudes and "con-artists".
Verbeek, Sjef
Sjef Verbeek is based in Hilversum, the Netherlands, where he works as an executive editor with the Dutch news broadcasting (NOS Journaal).
Visser, Marjo
Marjo Visser from Zeist, the Netherlands, works as a freelance reporter for glossies and opinion weekly's. Her expertise lies in the fields of management, tourism (US, Russia, Europe, Japan), financial economics, home decoration. She also edits and writes press releases.
Vlies, C.G.C. (Kees) van der
Living and working in Amsterdam as a freelance journalist, Kees specialises in IT and electronics. Does translational work too. Magazines for which he is a regular contributor: Banking Review, Computer Business Magazine, SoftwareBus, Network News and others.
Volodin, Mikhail
Mikhail works for Minsk News.

Vos, Gerard
Gerard is final editor for BOUW. Besides editing for this architectural magazine he writes about music and art. Recently he finished a project for the Stichting Beeldende Kunst Westland. In the near future he will be working on a project about Fado music.
Vree, Ren de
Ren de Vree is systems editor at Algemeen Dagblad, one of the largest Dutch daily newspapers. He knows a lot about the Internet and publishing newspapers in general.
Vries, Annemie de
Annemie de Vries is editor in chief at, an internet publication. The area's that she covers: IPO's, investments, financial news, new economy.
Wahlmüller, dr. Christine
Christine Wahlmüller works in Austria as a free-lance journalist, for Die Presse.
Wilri, Wim
Wim Wilri works as a free-lance journalist in the regional edition of Gazet van Antwerpen, a daily newspaper in Antwerp, Belgium. He is specialized in the town of Antwerp, hardrock and heavy metal music, tourism and postal services.
Winkelman, Rick
Rick is freelance journalist in the Netherlands. He writes about motorsports and the automotive business.

Wötzel, Henning
Henning Wötzel works as a freelance journalist in Hannover, Germany. His main work fields are: Youth, Education, Energy, Technology and different social issues. Feel free to contact him in German or English at
Yap, Joe
Joe lives in Singapore where he works as a free-lance journalist, a.o. for He specialises in IT en celebrity stories but is willing to cover anything as long as it is interesting. Joe Yap has a homepage.

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